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Dust Bag Reconditioning

Cartridge Filter Reconditioning

Sell Your Used and Old Filter Bags


Through extensive research with the manufacturer of fabric filter bags, we have developed a high quality of standard to clean and recondition filter bags.

Cleaning and Reconditioning your filter bags offers many benefits:

  • 50 - 70% Savings compared to the cost of new bags.
  • Technical Data Report
    You will receive our exclusive technical data report. It's your proof that all filter bags will perform as good as new. It contains the results of 10 performance tests that assure performance equal to the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.
  • Performance Report
    This report will give an overview of any problems or low performance in your baghouse. You receive this report every time we recondition your bags.
  • Measuring
    We guarantee a proper fit. Dimensions are verified before and after reconditioning. Only Frisbie's Filter Service, Inc. measures every bag. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Recondition
    Computerized washing and rinsing equipment removes all impurities and foreign particles. pH balance and proper cleaning solutions add longer life. No one else's system maintains pH balance throughout the entire cleaning process nor do they insist on precise use of specifically designed and patented cleaning solutions that are approved by the fabric manufacturer.
  • Drying
    Bags that aren't dried correctly are a waste, so we dry every filter bag in a sanitized temperature controlled environment to ensure absolutely NO SHRINKAGE.
  • Inspection
    In addition to measuring all filter bags to ensure proper fit, trained technicians light test for holes, tears and worn areas thus ensuring maximum filtration.
  • Repair
    Free of charge. Our trained staff will repair minor holes, tears, and worn areas. If major repairs are necessary any extra charges will be quoted before work is performed.
  • Packaging
    All filter bags are correctly folded and placed in dust-free cartons. Cartons are clearly marked to your requirements.

Our Commitment: Frisbie's Filter Service, Inc. take pride in being the leaders in the industry. We believe our first commitment is to our customers. With your ideas and comments we keep current with ever changing technology in order to meet our own high stands



Don't Bite the Dust on Cartridge Filter Costs - They Are DIRTY, not DEAD!

Cleaning and reconditioning your cartridge filter offers many benefits:

  • 50 - 70% Reduction in Cartridge Filter Cost
    Our process cuts replacement costs by extending the life of your filters while maximizing filter performance.
  • Guaranteed Performance
    We guarantee filters will perform as good as new. Our promise is backed by an individual insurance policy in each company's name.
  • Technical Recommendations
    From inspection and manufacturer's recommendations for your current filters we will suggest the optimum filter change frequency.
  • Replacement Filters
    We can provide replacement filters for those tested unsuitable for reconditioning. Our reconditioning process assures that your filters will receive the highest quality, most up-to-date treatment available anywhere.
  • Initial Inspection
    All components, including internal paper elements, are inspected.
  • Identification
    All filters are engraved to monitor future reconditioning cycles
  • Cleaning
    Filters are soaked for four to eight hours. Computer automated washing and rinsing equipment provides accurate removal of carbon, dust, detergent and foreign particles. Frisbie's Filter Service, Inc. provides "external flush ing" in addition to a "reverse flushing" process. Our competitors only provide hand washing.
  • Drying
    Filters are completely dried internally and externally by electronically controlled air temperatures.
  • Gaskets
    Only Frisbie's Filter Service, Inc. installs new washer gaskets in all cartridge filters
  • Final Inspection
    We subject all cartridge filters to a calibrated vacuum, testing the integrity of the internal paper elements in addition to the industry's standard testing by candling and weighing. This provides an additional assurance that your filters will have maximum performance.
  • Quality Control
    A corporate associate makes a personal inspection of all filters. Cleaning solutions used on paper elements are specifically designed, patented and approved by filter and equipment manufacturers.
  • Packaging
    Filters and containers are clearly coded for maintenance records in dust-free cartons. Accompanying each filter shipment, if requested, is the inspection data obtained from our tests.
  • Sensitive Filter Care
    Our unique process provides for care of sensitive elements. For example: high volume (in excess of 14 gal/min) with low pressure paper element cleaning. Other examples: Controlled drying temperatures and precise inspection process.
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