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Lab Testing
Unique Stereoptic Video Analysis

Our unique STEREOPTIC VIDEO ANALYSIS can help you get peek performance from your dust collection bags. Now there is a way to maintain the performance of your bag house.

We offer three laboratory reports:

  • Technical Data Report (Sample Report)
    Ten tests are done and the results are compared to OEM specifications to assure your reconditioned bags will perform just like new. (8 page report)

  • Performance Report (Sample Report)
    This report will give an overview of any problems or low performance in your baghouse. You receive this report every time we recondition your bags. (8 page report)

  • Detailed Performance Report
    To help you pinpoint any problems or low performance in your baghouse we provide this detailed analysis. To enable us to complete this report we will ask you for information before bags are removed. You will need to complete a bag failure chart and answer some questions as you are changing out the bags. (10 page report)

All reports come with fill color pictures that are generated from FrisbieFilter's STEREOPTIC VIDEO ANALYSIS.




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